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Church Ministries

Christian Youth Fellowship

CYF is to training youth in Christian living, to enrich their lives through worship, Christian service, and recreation. To offer them opportunities for self-expression, exercise in the duties, functions, and responsibilities of the church, and opportunities for interaction with other youth.


Ministry to College Students

In an effort to support our college students, this ministry keeps our students connected to us and extends encouragement while studying and enduring the challenges of college life through inspirational quotes via text messages, cards, calls, and care packages.


Young Adult Department

Ages 18-35. This ministry is designed to bring young adults in the mainstream of church life and to administer to their particular needs.


Bible Study

The Bible study group meets every Wednesday at 6:00 PM. The study topic currently being studied is entitled “I AM A CHURCH MEMBER” by Thomas Rainer. Topics include current attitudes and with scripture references.


Sunday School Department

The vision in each Sunday school class, members will learn age appropriate Bible stories, discovering God’s plan of love for all people. Members will meet Jesus Christ and encounter His love which is the central theme throughout the Bible. Members will also grow in Bible study, prayer and worship.


There are two opportunities each Sunday school 9AM and 11:30 AM. Topics will include lessons on “Giving Bold Testimony”, “The Creation of the Universe and Humankind (OT Genesis 1&2). Teen Classes will also include the study book, “Sex Matters”.


Mentoring Program

This program, iPress Toward the Mark Ministries, introduces and provides the basic skills needed for everyday life and new experiences. Speakers, activities, and group discussions focus these skills in an informative and positive atmosphere.


Membership and Evangelism

Enhancing the spiritual life of the congregation is one area of this commission as well as working with committees on visitations, membership preparations, and fellowship. With a “Prayer Box” we have become a stronger church praying together with petitions and intercessory prayers.


Birthday Month Clubs

These clubs celebrate each month those born in their month. These clubs provide small group fellowship and Christian nurture. Opportunities are opened each month for a group to recognize those born in their month. One highlight is “Fill the Pew” Sunday where visitors are invited to celebrate with those born in that month. These groups will also aid new members in finding their place within our church.


Music Ministry

The music of a Christian church service enhances the worship and help ushers in the spirit of the Living God.
Our powerful music department includes: the Senior Choir that sings hymns, anthems and spirituals on first, fourth and fifth Sundays.
Lugerta Strong Gospel Choir sings mainly gospels and spiritual songs on second Sundays.
On the third Sunday the Male Chorus renders a variety of uplifting songs.


Ministry to Men

This group of men are working together to strengthen the efforts of our men with those in our community as well as our connection church.


Board of Christian Education

This board develops and promotes the program of Christian nurture of our church. It also organizes and administers the educational ministry and activities of the church. The board meets monthly to encourage such programs.


Lay Ministry

This ministry develops leadership and fellowship in the local church among the lay by promoting responsible Christian living. Bi-monthly meetings are held to keep abreast of responsibilities.


Missionary Society

The missionary society is seeking to discover the mission and unity of the church, to encourage cooperation, fellowship, and mutual counsel concerning spiritual life and religious activities of the church. Each month the society meets to fulfill all developed programs.


Usher Board

Our dedicated usher board attends to the comfort and other duties assigned by the pastor. They truly display the saying as “Doorkeepers of the House of the Lord”.


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